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I find myself tied to a small rope that's just about to break while I float upside-down above a pool of knowledge.

I cry into the pool as I attempt to reach for it, wanting the knowledge so badly, not all of it, no.

I could never swallow up all the knowledge in such a large pool.

But I just wish that, even for a second, I would be able to suck in more than the small droplets that the wind blows up towards me.

I feel worthless, like I don't know anything worth shit.

There are ones higher up on their ropes, true, that are getting even less droplets, but still.

They are mostly younger, and their rope will be lowered in time.

But there are others, some even my age, that are lower than me.

They can reach and suck in as much knowledge as they can before it evaporates right in their hands.

Then there are all-powerful ones.

Ones who freely drink from this pool.

But some of them are too greedy and puke it back up.

I always wonder about this..did children like Mozart sit so close, right next to the pool?

The child prodigys, the great inventors, the knowledge keepers and seekers...did they all have a place sitting right on the pool so they could take a sip whenever wanted because they were trusted to be able to keep control their knowledge?

I want to know.
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April 4, 2012
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